Thursday, 28 January 2016

my first ever sculpture - super sculpey fun

My character design class is so fun! I was honestly not sure about it on the first day, but once we started getting our hands on some foil and clay I was all in.

Our first assignment was to crate a character design sheet ... but it had to be a self portrait in a cartoonish style. Ugh. That was actually really hard to do. I don't like drawing myself, as it turns out. This is what I came up with.

Then the next class we jumped straight into sculpting. I thought it would be funny to super exaggerate how grumpy I looked in the drawing and got some help making a pouty lip. This is how far I got in those 3.5 hours.

The white circles are my eyeballs. We had a blow dryer in class so we could harden them separately and then push them into our soft clay faces.

The next class we were told we had to try and finish them. The pressure was on!

I struggled with the eyelid/brow area for probably an hour, until my instructor Joan came over and handed me a piece of paper with cartoon faces on it. As soon as I saw what a cartoon grump looked like I was able to get the frown right immediately. 

I miraculously was able to bring this thing home, carrying it in a dishwasher detergent box, on 2 buses and a 1.5km walk, and only smushed the nose a little bit. It's baked now, and I'm going to bring it back to paint it in next week's class.

Anyway it's pretty ok for my first try ever at the stuff! My mom is a SUPER talented sculptor and I felt really natural using the clay. I'm so glad I was forced to try it, because now I know it's something I can add onto my list of crafty shit I can do. With some practice I'll be able to make busts of ANYBODY. (haha)

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