Monday, 4 January 2016

New 365 project

Draw something every day.

Easy and difficult. Exactly what a 365 project should be. I have no other limits on it, just one thing a day. It can be a full-color poster or a dot on a page.

So far it's been little comics. But then again I've had a lot of free time. Soon I will not.

There is something so appealing about a big goal like this. I also would like to say I'm going to read 50 books this year but again, once school starts I'm going to be ridiculously busy already without the added stress of some self-imposed arbitrary goal.

(Sniffing a bran muffin chunk VERY intently)

In other news Tank has been getting worse and worse, he's begun having seizures nearly every day. Big ones, lasting around a minute each time. We spoke to the vet on the phone and they very gently said that it's likely something "sinister" (that's the word they chose) at his age. There's basically no chance it's some kind of super late onset epilepsy or something. So it's been tough coming to terms with this. Now our goal is to set an end of life plan with the vet at his upcoming appointment and keep a close eye on his comfort.

It's so heartbreaking. I wish I was one of those people who think of dogs as "just a dog" now, you know? I hate that I love him so much.  It's especially difficult because 20% of the time he's the same lively dude, loving food and the words "you want to go..." with head tilts and bright eyes. And then he's sleeping a lot. And he has more trouble standing up than he should ... he's so crooked, he doesn't want to play for more than 10 seconds, and then you see he's old...I hate this. Bulldogs get old before their time.

I just have to tell myself there's nothing I can do about it but be there for him and make the right decisions at the right time. I've begged and borrowed and done more pet portraits to scrimp up enough money for a vet visit on Friday, hopefully we can figure out a plan that's affordable. (PS if you want a pet portrait just email me and mention this blog post and I'll do them for $50 any size, tell your friends!!!!)

I learned something I should share with you all though. The vet said if your dog is having a seizure the best thing to do is eliminate all stimulus from the environment. Meaning shut off any music or the tv, dim the lights if you can do so without disturbing them, don't touch them or say their name or anything, and let the seizure run its course. (They told us dogs don't have a danger of swallowing their tongue but they definitely can bite hard.) This makes sense because the brain is misfiring, and the more they try to respond to a sound or touch the worse it will be.

So there you go.


In more positive news I started going to the gym again. Yup I'm one of those January gym starters. I feel like I have to iterate that it's NOT because of a New Years goal, more that I had a lot of downtime at home and needed some kind of physical activity. I went on a few long walks too (and even got lost once). So that feels good. I've been getting fatter and fatter this past year and I don't like it one bit. Time to stop that. I get to use the college gym for free as excuses!



Happy new year?

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