Monday, 11 January 2016


I've now resisted the urge to post sad sack "I miss my dog so much" things on social media for three full days. You're welcome. Not gonna lie, I've cried ugly tears every day, even once at work which was not cool. But honestly guys, this house feels fucking sad and weird.

To try and take back the emptiness we moved some of my office stuff out into the kitchen/living room area. I always end up working out here anyway, usually I'm taking up 2 or even 3 kitchen chairs with my papers and inks and sweaters, even though I had a full set-up in the bedroom. There's something about not being hidden away ... guess I'm more communal than I thought.

It's perfect.


I start school again today. I am taking five classes this term which is going to be bananas but right now I'm just glad for the distraction. Today I have a script writing class and character design. The rest of the week includes an editing/publishing course, a perspective drawing course and one that's just called "technique 2", which is more "how to make a comic book" class.

I mean, come on. How cool is my life? My backpack is heavy with clay and sculpting tools for today. I'm excited.


My drawing a day thing is going ok. I haven't been doing anything spectacular but that's not the point.

Although yesterday I did draw that cobra you see in the office picture. I lost track of time, just watching Friends episodes and drawing with a super fine Faber Castell pen.

Here's how it turned out. I used too dark of a marker unfortunately, I meant for the greys to be lighter so you could see the details better but whatever. It's just a page in my sketchbook, not a museum piece or something. All in all it's pretty good. And I learned from it as well.

See how all that detail is lost? Darn it!


I also finished a commissioned dog portrait for a friend/tattooer at Tattoo Zoo, Caroline. It's her french mastiff, Cabot in a party hat.

What a guy!


Did you hear David Bowie died? I don't know what it is but this year feels like a constant tragedy generating machine. Every day there's something. Or maybe my ears are just attuned to that frequency right now.

How do I change the station?

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