Thursday, 18 February 2016


What do you get when you cross Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth and a Munny doll? My next sculpture for my character design class. Our only outline for this next character is it has to be humanoid, with arms and legs, and has to stand on its feet without any help.

This is my design sheet:

This picture is shit, I used my laptop camera because I left my phone in the bedroom and Ryan's still snoozing from working the night shift. I used watercolors on it...I need to watercolor some more stuff, it's fun and I am not good at it. The two best reasons to practice something.


Last night I went to bed and immediately had a bunch of really bad sad thoughts, some about Tank and some about this motherfucking creepy ass disturbing short film we watched in my class. 

Let me tell you about this film...ok so it has a very clear anti-abortion a ham-fisted, knock you over the head drag you into the NO ABORTIONS clubhouse kind of message. It's based on a scene from a YA novel. Basically what I got out of it, for some reason the abortion law changed so it became legal up until the kid is 17 years old. So like, a parent can sell (give?) their kid to a camp that will harvest the kids organs while they're awake (part of the law??). 

So yeah the film is what a teenage girl sees when she wakes up in surgery...being "unwound". *shudder*

Here's the link. Our instructor didn't warn us at all about the contents of this. Three people got up and left and one girl actually threw up. Just saying.

So anyway last night I ended up getting up and watching Dazed and Confused and trying to learn how to digitally color my comic. It's easy to do, technically, but really hard to make it look good. It looks like I spent 10 minutes doing this, but in fact this took me like 2 hours. (Clearly it's not done but still, ugh. And I have no idea how I made the background of the second panel to be like that, I was going for a gradient but I had some weird trouble at the end. That's when I quit for the night.)

So yeah. That's what I've been making. Oh and I wrote a 10 minute play about a college party that turns into an alien abduction. I whipped it off in a night with no real proofreading so it's fairly terrible but honestly I don't care. I'm not into playwriting it turns out. It's too annoying trying to picture the physical limitations of the stage, you know? I would rather write prose, where I can just say "they walked there and then said this thing and then they were in this other place" without putting in all kinds of stage directions and shit.

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