Monday, 15 February 2016

this weekend...anime and bus-drunk valentimes

Well I learned over the weekend that I'm still not into anime culture. At all. Shipping? Dressing Lolita? High pitched voices? Wigs and maid costumes? I don't get it.

Let me back up.

My comic book class is raising money to throw a comic convention at the end of the year...I believe the goal is to be able to afford to bring Kate Beaton out. Anyway so the people in my class have been working their butts off doing caricatures and setting up at various craft fairs and the like to sell prints, commissions and other things they've made. And every single time I said

"No I'm too busy."

And boy is it true. But the guilt of my classmates doing everything became too much, so I volunteered to come to an anime convention this past weekend and sell stuff.

I luckily was seated with an 18 year old girl from my class most of the weekend, and she is way into that stuff so I just sat there going

"Who's that?"
"What's that?"
"What does that mean?"

 And that's where I began this post. I don't like anime. One guy told me to "get cultured" when I said I don't want a Nintendo 3DS and I don't care about his Animal Crossing Game. He said it in a joking-ish way but wouldn't take "I don't care" for an answer.

Long story short...I feel like I had no weekend, my next day off is Sunday, and over the entire weekend I made $28. Yeah. Not my thing.


After a long day of anime convention yesterday I took 2 buses to "pop" by Tattoo Zoo, lugging my SUPER heavy portfolio and bag of stuff through the rain. I needed to gain some normalcy after all the weird teenagers doing things my old lady brain doesn't understand.

TZ had a Valentines day flash day, huge success! Much fun.

Then I lugged my ridiculous giant heavy portfolio onto another bus to go home. A full double decker bus. I wedged the portfolio between me and the window and held my bag in my lap, so the seat beside me was 1/4 taken up by me. I thought nobody would sit there but ...

cue very very drunk man.

Grimy hands.

Smells like cheap beer.

Sits down and says "hey sweetheart howryadoing"

I literally did not acknowledge he was even there. He tried a few more times but I just stared out the window. And then he started passing out. I texted Ryan a few times about him, that's how uncomfortable I was.

A popular stop came up and enough people got off the bus that there were open seats and he (thankfully) went to one of those. I could hear him singing and mumbling and whistling through almost the entire ride, and a few people were engaging him, saying things like "I thought I was drunk" and "settle down buddy"

Then he started spitting on the floor and got called out for it by a woman. He insisted he's a cowboy and cowboys can spit anywhere they want. IT'S THE COWBOY WAY. Well this turned into a huge thing, where they were yelling at each other, and then the woman's boyfriend got involved, and then another man yelled at them all to stop yelling and then the bus just stopped.

I made a video of the yelling ... 

A video posted by Nova Rella (@novarella) on

It was two stops away from where I was getting off so I went downstairs to get away from the craziness, then I noticed the driver was on the phone, calling the police. A huge amount of people came downstairs as the yelling escalated, and a few said things to the driver. Watching a drunk old man get arrested seemed sad so I walked the extra 6 blocks or feet are murdered today.

As I walked away, three police cars came speeding up to the bus, full sirens and lights and everything. I can't imagine the scene on the bus after that.

Then I walked home and watched Walking Dead (OMG WHAT AN EPISODE) with Ryan and wrote a ten minute play and finished a comic. 

The end.

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