Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thursday morning free-write

Okay well I opened up a new blog post and the white screen just sat there for like ten minutes before I decided to put my hands on the keyboard. I can't think of what I want to talk about but I want to write something so here it is.

Somebody is getting out of bed. It's too early, get lost! Oh they're going to the bathroom.

Mornings are my alone time. I can eat my stupid delicious bran muffin and let the coffee warm my insides one sip at a time. I have started taking the majority of my pills at night before bed, and in the morning sometimes I can still feel them. They make me SO SO SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSOSO tired. I've learned that even if I stay up until 11 I need to take them at 9 or I will be nodding off on the bus all morning.
And it's not a cute "kind of sleepy yawning" tired. It feels like when you wake up after your alarm goes off and you are the most comfortable and if you allow yourself you will fall directly back into a deep and pleasant sleep. So tempting! Even when I'm at work at my desk!

So yeah the warm coffee thing is rather necessary these days.

Yesterday in my script-writing class we watched The Play by Samuel Beckett. That may have been the worst thing I have ever watched. It's just heads sticking out of pots speaking so fast you can't understand them for fifteen entire minutes. I wasn't struck by the metaphor of purgatory or the hell of repeating past mistakes for eternity...I was just thinking about how fucking pretentious and horrible it was. There's fifteen minutes of my life I'll never get back. Of course, it's likely the case that I just don't "get it". I doubt I'm the target audience.

Here's what I'm talking about: 

Just skip to the middle or something and try to watch it for one minute without shrieking in agony. If you can make it through or if you find this a piece of palatable art then I commend you. I hate it.

My next assignment in that class is to write a ten-minute play. Maybe I'll write something inaccessible like this and be touted as a genius for generations to come. (More likely I will write something vaguely funny and semi-autobiographical, as usual.)

I'm learning to color things digitally in another class and it is SO cool. I can't wait until I'm good at it. This is my first try:

Right now we're just learning flatting (blocking colors in) and once that's all done we're going to learn how to "paint" in Photoshop. It's all fairly easy once you learn how to set it up. And I'm learning that I am going to need a drawing tablet in my life.

In general life is fine. I'm trying very hard to find freelance work, because working 20 hours a week is not cutting it to say the least...I may have just landed a transcription job but it's so hard to tell online whether things are happening. I use, which has some security measures in place to ensure both parties don't get scammed, but sometimes people will be like "You're hired!" and then just not even reply to anything ever again.

So that's happening now.

Yup. Anyone have any other Freelance job-finder tips?????????????????

 Please share!

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