Wednesday, 24 February 2016


I have found myself creating more than I can store these days and have decided rather than selling one thing for twenty dollars I would rather sell a lot of things for twenty dollars to make space to make more new things! WOO!

I have listed a BLIND BOX SALE in my Etsy store

Since you are here reading my blog I'm going to give you a can message me and ask for the stuff you want (for example if there's a print you especially like). You know what I've drawn just by following me here. I have tons of Simpsons stuff and other fan art, coloring pages, and more. The paper the original coloring book design is on is thick enough for watercolors or any markers. It's quite nice.

I also have paintings, stickers, notebooks, comics, so much stuff.

Please share with your friends...or even better buy them a blind box for them too!!

Art is fun and I need to raise money to print my final project, my finished comic book. We are having a real live comic convention and I will be selling them there...but we have to pay our own printing costs. Which adds up fast. Especially because I REALLY want to trade books with some of the people in my class.

I'm going to have a pre-sale for my comic books as well in a few weeks, do you think anybody in the internet would be interested in buying a comic by me? Let me know!

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