Friday, 25 March 2016

It's amazing what a good night''s sleep can do

I slept in today until 11:30. ELEVEN THIRTY. I have a new outlook on life. Even with the world's worst cramps and a HUGE deadline coming up in t minus 5 days I'm way more relaxed and clear-headed than I've been in weeks.

I went to try and find a blazer at a stupid ladies' store yesterday in the mall and the sales lady WOULD NOT leave me alone. I was halfway to panic attack before I even walked in and after the third or fourth "I'm fine" "I'm just looking" "No thanks" I was escalated to full flight mode and had to drop the clothes I was looking at and flee. She was literally walking behind me as I left, still trying to show me hideous flowy half-cardigan half-doily monstronsities I wouldn't be caught dead in. In all sorts of mustard yellows and neon corals. GET AWAY FROM ME JESUS CHRIST I SAID BLACK LONG SLEEVE BLAZER ONLY. FUCK.

Then in some kind of idiotic hopefulness I went to the GAP outlet down the way and the same exact thing happened again. After searching the entire store I said to a sales associate "Hey, do you have any blazers in here other than the one on the mannequin?" And suddenly she's showing me army green sleeveless vests and she was also deaf possibly, so I had a really hard time understanding what she was saying and then my vision got all blurry and tunnelly and so I turned around mid-conversation and walked out crying.

So that was great.

Then I went to bed for two hours not sleeping, just being quiet in a quiet room. I was so overstimulated.

ANYWAY the point is today I'm so much better. I've been coloring my comic pages, goofing off on Reddit and feeling calm. The sun is streaming in through the windows, the kids are watching American Dad in the living room (my desk is in the kitchen and faces that way) and now I have time to write a blog.

Are you still thinking about the blazer? I'll admit it's out of character.

It was just an idea I had, to start wearing blazers at work. But it has to be a cool one, not like, a grandma one. I'm very particular on blazer looks. Structured. Flattering. Not too much shoulder pad.

You know? Anyway who cares there was nothing at the mall. I might try like, H&M maybe? Because I also don't have $200 to spend on one either.

So that's been Nova's fashion hour.

Even as I'm writing this, I'm thinking who cares? I don't understand my impulse to write blog posts. Blah. But here it is, a written record of my search for a blazer for some reason. There you go. Fascinating stuff.

The end.

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