Wednesday, 16 March 2016


My class is having a comic book convention at the end of the year, and as our final project we have to put together and print comic books to sell. Hey, guess what? That's not cheap!

As a gal who is going to school full-time, has to pay real adult bills AND only works 16-20 hours/week with hardly any time to do anything else, this is a huge burden for me and I honestly just don't have the money.

So I'm having a super fun pre-order sale!!

My comic is called WHAT THE ???? and is 24 pages. It's  a mix of personal stories about losing my virginity, dealing with my brother's death and anxiety, weird drawings, and the final comic is a guide on how to get a good tattoo, as told by a giant anthropomorphic tattoo machine.

The final 8-page comic I'm putting in there is an instruction manual (or an "edutainment" comic) on how to get a good tattoo, as told by a giant anthropomorphic tattoo machine. I'm thinking of making this its own comic afterwards as well, as I think people will like it.

My comic only $9 CAD to pre-order (which is literally $6.87 to you in the USA, what a steal!) I'll throw in a surprise fun print or stickers or something to all you who pre-order as well. The plan is to print them and have them in my hands by the first week of April, and I will mail them out right away.

Here's the link to the ETSY shop if you want one or four.

I also created a sale, if you buy a colouring book, a print or a blind-box sale they're 50% off with the coupon  COMICPRINTINGSALE

------------- last thing, I swear, and then I'll stop trying to sell you things for a while. I listed a bunch of stuff for sale on Craigslist for the same purpose. I don't know if you're into vintage cameras, lomography or weird Mexican purses but check this shit out.

1. Lomography Bundle (Will sell these separately as well) 2. Canon AE-1 3. Lens/Flash Bundle 4. Decor/Vintage Camera bundle


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