Tuesday, 1 March 2016

total stream of consciousness 5:30am on a Tuesday

I took the day off school and work yesterday to chauffeur my fella around...he has something happening in his eyeballs and had to get those crazy pupil dilation drops. So we went to his appointment, then came home and shut all the curtains and turned off all the lights and created a cozy dark cave. We put movies on and he watched them with his eyes closed (and sometimes snoring), what a feat!

It was a lovely break from the routine. I'm at the point in school that happens every term: the work is piling up and I stop caring. PAY ME TO WORK shrieks into my brain. I'm doing a hell of a lot of art and writing and editing and stuff for free on deadlines I didn't create. The bills are piling up around me so high I can't even move but I still have to sit there and work for free. Sometimes school is total bullshit.

I've been having fun planning my next comic though, the comic classes are the only ones I don't mind working on, except for the arbitrary stress they create in my heart when I realize how much work is due by next week. I am not happy with how shitty I am at drawing people so I'm going to try and avoid it as much as possible in this next one and just draw pretty pictures.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and that stuffy brain feeling in my head that says "I'm sick", but I'm not going to let it slow me down, my bad attitude is doing that enough already.

It's pouring rain outside. I don't own an umbrella anymore, the wind took all my umbrellas and turned them inside out and rendered them completely useless. Fuck it, I'll get wet I guess. It's just a little water.

Do you ever think about acid rain? Whenever I tell myself the rain can't hurt me I imagine actual acid raining down and how horrifying that would be. Whatever happened to acid rain anyway?  I remember hearing about it all the time when I was a kid. Is it old news now? Did it stop happening? (I doubt that.) And just how acidic was that rain anyway?

I saw the movies The Revenent and Deadpool this weekend. Both were fantastic.

My friend is leaving the shop and it makes me sad, "That's life." she said. That made me sad too. I love working at a tattoo shop but dammit somebody breaks my heart like once a year minimum there. Tattoo artists are so transient, constantly moving and being biker pirate weirdo artists. I have to stop getting so attached and comfortable with everybody.

I wish I had a better blog and at the same time I am even ashamed I still have one at all.

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