Monday, 18 April 2016

haircuts and comic conventions - well only one of each actually

I finally did it, got my hairs cut!! I said to the lady that I honestly never ever ever style my hair or use product so please make me look cool with zero effort mmkay?

She let me cut those braids off myself, as long as I promised to be careful because her scissors were very sharp.


 Dang it feels good! And so far it's so much less work than the long hair. I even bought product. Two thingies. One dry shampoo weird thing and one spray that makes you look like you were at the beach somehow? It's all magic to me.

After this haircut came the next thing to do on my list...pick up my comic from the printer!

And last but not least our final project of the year...CCAF (Camosun Comics and Art Festival). I was so ready. I had a float, I had a tablecloth, I had a little banner with my name on it, I had prints priced and made mini sculptures to sell. I spent a little extra money on making my table cute.

...I made $25. Not profit. haha

I just seriously don't get the appeal of doing a convention. Unless you LOOOOOVE giving an elevator pitch to 45 million strangers over hours and hours and giving out free shit but never selling anything. I was so grateful when anybody bought anything I wanted to tell them "TAKE ANYTHING YOU WANT FOR FREE I LOVE YOU"

Here's my set-up...the guy beside me did NOT like the geometrical patterns in my drawings paired with the triangles on my blanket.

I got to meet a couple teenage girls who were getting in trouble in art class for the inappropriate subject matter of their art. I told them to keep drawing it anyway. They were so freaking cute. Ryan was able to sneak a picture of us talking.

So school is over. 

Now what?

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