Wednesday, 6 April 2016

how to balance

 My big butt doesn't fit into clothes that are "my size" probably half the time. I don't know what to make of that. I used to be ashamed of it but now that butts are en vogue ... ?

I'm so off balance this week I can't quite get a grip. Too many obligations and all I want to do is watch Never Been Kissed on Netflix and go to bed at 9. Which I did last night. Good times. Much lazy.

I had it all together at the beginning of this school term, BOOM go to work BOOM don't miss a single class BOOM homework all done perfectly BOOM extra freelance work done in spare minutes at night

Now I am confused about what day it is and where I'm supposed to be at any given time. My work schedule changed suddenly AND I had a job interview yesterday (four-person panel, written portion, 1.5 hours long) so it may change again. This has affected my ability to show up to a lot of my classes on time or at all.

I don't know if I'm staying in my position at work, and that's always a weird feeling.

Someone wants to buy my camera and it feels like the HUGEST DEAL to go where they are and take their money.

I'm suddenly not attending class so who cares about the homework?

 I come home and ... forget about it all immediately.

I can't physically see the guy who is getting me to do transcription work for him and he's very understanding so maybe "it can just wait until tomorrow". 


I'm tired.

I'm overwhelmed.

My feet hurt.

This week's goal is GET IT BACK TOGETHER GIRL

I'm getting a haircut next week, goodbye stupid long hair getting zipped into my jacket or stuck under backpack straps or strangling me in my sleep.

This is the cut I want, more or less:

Anyway wish me luck and peaceful vibes. :)

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