Wednesday, 27 April 2016


For some reason I've gone down a rabbit hole of drawing dinosaurs with minor injuries, then making a little rhyming book out of them, then coloring them digitally. For days now. I blame Ryan, he made a single pun that started it all.

Dino Sores

This is what I do with a week off of work?

Anyway here are some links because I need to stop it with the goofy art project for a few minutes.

I also just really wanted to share this photo of me lying in a beach fort because I never go to the beach even though I'm literally on an island which is just dumb. And it's funny because it looks roomy in there but I actually barely had room to do that super sexy pose. And I was worried about spiders the entire time.

Little thought-of fact for you all: giant spiders really love rocky beaches. But logic tells me that if you lay on some logs over top of the rocks you are perfectly safe from said spiders. And who cares about your purse, it can just fill up to the brim with rock spiders, just lay it down sideways on the ground. Whatever.

   Ah, so comfortable.

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