Sunday, 15 May 2016

free writing - tattoo talk and other stuff

Yesterday I went out in full tattoos-out mode - an above-the-knee summer dress with thin straps; my legs, back, arms and chest tattoos were all out.

The dress was from H&M so of course it was 100% see-through material, so underneath I wore an entire other outfit. I bought these two jumper things? Like full one-piece tanktop/shorts combo, they are the BEST for going underneath other stuff.

Anyway the point is how if I'm wearing just a t-shirt, showing a little bit of tattoo, everybody and their dog comes up to me to talk about them, but if they're ALL out there it's like I go into another category in people's heads. From "a woman with tattoos" to ... I don't know what. But I like it so much more when they're all out or none of them are.Everybody leaves me alone except with specific things like
"I love your Mr. Burns tattoo, that was a great episode"
or "hats off to you getting your knees done, my elbow hurt like a bitch"

I don't mind that stuff, I just hate the "did that hurt?"s, the "sick tats" or the ubiquitous *points to their own arms* "I love your tattoos".

I don't know why the last one is such a thing for me, but I kind of hate it when some stranger out of nowhere tells me they like something about me. It makes me so angry that they think I care about their opinion. I know "it's just a compliment" bla bla bla but I feel like subconsciously it runs deeper than that. Like they feel I should appreciate their opinion of my looks.

But that feeling kind of comes and goes depending on how I'm feeling mentally as well, it could be a manifestation of some of that crazy social anxiety.

Woops going downill there, let's get positive!

How about this: I have TWO tattoo appointments next week. One tomorrow from Nicole, she's gonna gimme a cute colorful cactus on my leg somewhere, and one on Friday with Gerry. A black flower. I have a funny gap between my leg tattoos and my foot tattoos that I am filling with black flowers. I'm not too picky what kind of flower or whatever, just something cool. AND BLAAAACK LIKE MY SOUUULLLL jk jk I just like black flower tattoos.

I can't even remember the last time I got tattooed, it's been way too long. I'm a little nervous!! Also I'm not. But I am. You know how it is. I'll be fine but I kind of forget how it feels?

Anyway woo tattoos!


Mini thing I'll get over in a few days:
I kind of hate the new instagram logo. 


I've been reading some good books lately! The WOOL omnibus is just as great as everybody says it is. I was SO into the action scenes I found myself holding my breath a couple times. And um...the story really has nothing to do with actual wool, in case that is putting you off reading it.

I literally JUST found out, while typing this, that there are more books in the Silo series. OMG I'm getting those RIGHT NOW. OK GOT THEM. You were just updated live.

I started Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury last night but I started reading it after I took my special night time don't be crazy pills, so I don't quite remember what I read. I hate that! I will forget complete conversations.

That book is one of those ones everybody says is SO GOOD SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD so I've got really high expectations for it.It's funny how you hear about a book or a movie or whatever for years, and then you FINALLY consume it and you're like "oh, it IS actually good, that's what everybody was talking about." Like, duh, it's popular for a reason.

Most of the time.

Sometimes there's a Twilight out there to keep you on your toes.


(pain lines)

The dinoSORES are all colored in now, I just have to create a cover for it and they'll be ready to print. Let me ask you with a little unofficial survey if you don't mind. What do you think people...especially kids I guess because I unintentionally made a children's book ... would be most interested in:

A) Just the book printed in full color.
B) The book printed in full color, AND a separate coloring book of the same images sold together.
C) The book printed in full color, with a printed coloring book and a printable PDF version of either, all available separately (4 products total sold separately)
D) One book with the color version on the left page and an identical image black and white on the right side as a coloring page.
E) PDF everything.

I'm partial to option D but it might be too weird. I don't know.


I've been doing some drawings lately where I simply sit  down and let it come out, whatever "it" may be. That's the most fun way to make stuff. I'm enjoying bristol smooth paper with Speedball Super Black india ink, and my Faber Castell Pitt pens with this amazing little book I found for three bucks at a local book store. (I'm so getting more)

Of course, pencils and especially erasers are a huge part of it too. These are my two most recent creations. I didn't mean for the metamorphosis guy to look like Hunter S Thompson but it totally does. Let's just go with it even though it makes no sense.


I have to go do step-mom things soon.

I've been doing football-parent stuff on the weekends which is really cutting into my laying around time.  Last week I brought orange slices for the team. I went to a kid's football game with a tupperware full of sliced up oranges. I got a huge bag of oranges and sliced them into kid-sized slices. Then brought them in a tupperware to a bench of teenage football players. This happened.

There's this one mom, I don't care that I'm writing about her here because she's a complete psycho, oh my god I don't even know where to start.

She has a posh British accent and just is the most hateful shrill person I've ever seen. She couldn't find one of her kid's water bottles so she SCREAMED "I DONT HAVE FUCKING TIME TO FUCKING FIND YOUR FUCKING WATERBOTTLE". She screamed the other day that some BITCH BETTER MOVE HER FUCKING CAR OR ELSE SHE IS FUCKING GOING TO FUCKING GET IT. (Note: "Bitch"'s car was not even in her way, she just didn't like how she had to be slightly careful backing up) (Also note in each scenario she doesn't care how many little children and old grandmas and football authorities are around with all the swearing.)

She overheard Ryan telling the kid to thank a guest coach for coming out, and she told him to stop raising such a FUCKING SUCK UP. He told her he's just raising a descent human being and she went on this huge rant about how she guesses it's the husband's job to teach the boys things like that but it's her kid's fault she can't even get a boyfriend so nobody is there to teach her kids anything.


Anyway it's become a thing now, I HATE being anywhere near her and don't ever acknowledge her presence but Ryan thinks she's hilarious because she's like a caricature of somebody they'd cast to be the insane person to shake things up on a reality show.

So yeah long story short, I'm really looking forward to spending yet another Sunday in her presence rather than watching youtube videos of close-up magic and the MOST SURPRISING PERFORMANCES on  Britain's Got Talent.

So far the best one is this guy ...HOW DID HE DO IT? AAAH

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