Saturday, 21 May 2016

How many tattoos do you have? Part forty one. Peony ankle.

I forgot I had this tattoo feature thing going on my blog. Ew. "Feature on my blog", that sounds so yucky. Scratch that.

You want to see my new tattoo?

This guy is from Gerry, the president of Tattoo Zoo. The plan is to eventually get black flowers all around the ankle/foot areas ... (that means I have to do this three more times!! aaah)  I asked for a "black flower" and he was like "what does that mean?" and I was like "you know, a cool flower but all black" and he was like "you want a tribal rose?" and I was like "no" and he was like "jk" and so I sent him some photos of stuff I like.


 ta daaaaaaaaa

Not gonna lie, it HURT. Of course, duh. But it was one of those ones where my body was like "hey, you better kick that guy in the face and run away" so I was fighting that urge the entire time. That bottom bit...FUCK THAT SHIT. I said "Son of a bitch" out loud when we got there.
Put a nickel in the swear jar.

I thought it would balloon up and I wouldn't be able to walk today but it's actually not that bad. I'm still not sure what sock/shoe combination I should wear to work though...

YAY new tattoo!!!

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